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Titlu Website: BizZu.Ro :: My Place On The Web
Data: August 2010
Client: BizZu.Ro
Am realizat: personalizare CMS WordPress, logo design, Optimizare si Promovare SEO
Tehnologii folosite: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Java Script
Platforma utilizata: WordPress
Viziteaza Website: BizZu.Ro
Preview Website:
Web Design Cluj - BizZu

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Web & IT Solutions Provider este o Agentie Web & IT Full Service din Cluj, care ofera servicii complete de: Web Design & Development, Identitate Vizuala,
Promovare Web & Optimizare SEO, Web Hosting, Inregistrare Domenii, Servere VPS & Dedicate, Printing Indoor & Outdoor, Foto / Video si Consultanta IT.